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“Amazing Job thankyou :):) The kids loved it!! :):)” - Michelle

"Your cake was amazing thanks so much she loved it and so did everyone else” – Adrienne

“Thank you for this amazing cake Ari ! My son Mason was absolutely in love with it. All his friends were just as in love and all had to have a piece of each Minion to try along with the delicious cake. Thank you for making my boys day ! You are truly talented in what you do. Xx” - Karlee

“Thank you thank you thank you Ari!!! He absolutely loved it and everyone was in awe! You really are an artist! 🎂 🍰 :) ” - Taryn

“Hi Ari, just wanted to say thanks again for that amazing cake! Sam was blown away” - Kylie

“Thank you for the stunning cake. My husband and daughter LOVED it!! Everybody in the restaurant where we celebrated wanted to see it. You did an awesome job!” - Chantel

“Ari you are so talented woman, thank you so much. Your cake was a big hit, everybody loved it and were asking who made it. Tasted so so so good, you nailed it. Gordan was so surprised, he didn't expect a cake, let alone something so creative and incredible. He was so stoked wish I recorded his reaction :)thank you! :) ” - Carolina

“Fantastic cake Ari was thoroughly enjoyed and admired!!” - Dana

“Yes was perfect exactly how we wanted it to turn out. Worth every penny I paid!” – Anita

"Super popular with the kids - thanks Ari's Cakes & Cookies”6 - Emma

“Best cake ever!” - Kaylah

“Thank you so much! Didn't think I'd be able to have a birthday cake this year, you are amazing! 💙 💙 ” - Tiarna

“ It was a hit with the birthday girl and her friends. Thank you for such an amazing creation!” - Louise

“Thank you Ari it was an amazing cake” -Tristan

“Thank you Ari she loved them!!!” - Annabelle

“Thank you for such an amazing cake! So pretty and delicious.” - Kate

“Thanks soo much Ari the cake was beautiful and super delish. You are a very clever lady” - Candice

“...he got a surprise when his cake came he couldn't hold back the tears from laughing” - Celeste

“Thankyou, it was amazing. Georgie loved it. Great price too!” - Leah

“Absolutely amazing 👍 ” - Kadie

“And it tasted delicious!” - Brant

“and ... it was all delicious” - Rachel