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Ordering Information

Once you have decided on what you like to order from our Cakes or Cookie & Things menus you can contact us via email, facebook or give us a call.

Payment can be made in cash or bank transfer. We do require payment-on-order. You can also visit us down at the markets to pre-order or just buy a few goodies! Please note we do not have eftpos facilities available.

How Much Notice to Give?

For cakes, it is best to give about two weeks notice so I can make sure I have enough time dedicated to your order. For other baked treats a weeks notice would be sufficient, however if you have less time please give me a call and I will let you know if I am able to fit you in.

Where to Collect your Order

Once it is ready we will provide you with the address to collect your order and arrange with you a convenient pick up time.

How to transport your cake

We recommend you have a friend accompany you when you collect your cake so they may be able to hold the boxed cake on their lap while you drive. If you are alone then a flat surface in your car, usually the floor on the passengers side is the most stable place to sit your cake. It will be handy to have an old sheet or towel to place on the floor of the car before placing the cake down to transport it.


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